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The Addicted Brain | Science of Addiction | Detox to Rehab - Part 2

Jun 17

Once drugs and alcohol are introduced into this pyramid at the base, the other higher levels begin to become less and less of a priority because all the focus of the brain is beginning to become more and more centred on the addiction itself. So this would explain a lot of the physical occurrences you see in your everyday life when people are addicted, that they don't often hold their social obligations at a high enough standard. Maybe people are becoming less social when or addicted to drugs or alcohol, or they even not show up for work.

So this begs the question, if drugs and alcohol can be so dangerous to the nature of the brain that are completely rewires it into a repeated pattern of use, why not just why doesn't the prefrontal cortex actually make the executive decision that drugs and alcohol are not good and we should see CEOs if only it were that simple, though. See, the issue is that we have a highly over stimulated midbrain and the midbrain is closer to the spinal cord which means that all the electrical signals are gonna be triggering the midbrain first for the prefrontal cortex to make an executive decision.

So before anyone even has a chance to even consider whether or not picking up another bottle of alcohol or taking another shot of heroin is a good choice. And midbrain is already activated in the limbic system is already going crazy, making it imperative that the drugs and alcohol are actually a necessity of life. Even if your executive functioning does not recognise it as such, your subconscious is already screaming, wanting you to re administer the substance.

So in essence before you even have a chance to consider the choice of addiction most of your brain has already made up its mind as to whether or not he wants to use. So with this understanding of addiction in mind.

It further enforces the need for evidence based treatment that keeps these considerations in mind before we can actually start creating real change in treatment.

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