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Tips for Choosing a Licensed Medical Card Doctor in Missouri

Mar 19

As of 2021, medical marijuana has been legalized in Missouri. Individuals with a qualifying medical condition can now legally obtain a medical marijuana card. However, to do so, you must first find a licensed medical card doctor who can evaluate you and provide a recommendation. With so many doctors to choose from, it can take time to figure out where to start. In this article, we will provide you with some tips for choosing a licensed medical card doctor in Missouri.

Tips for Choosing a Licensed Medical Card Doctor in Missouri

Following are some tips:

Know the Qualifications of a Licensed Medical Card Doctor

To ensure you're getting the best care for your medicinal needs, knowing what qualifies a doctor to operate with a medical card in Missouri is essential. First and foremost, they should be licensed to practice medicine in the state. Moreover, they must be registered with DHSS and have completed a certification course on medical marijuana. But that's not all! It's just as crucial they regularly attend continuing education classes to stay sharp on the latest research and developments related to medicinal cannabis.

Check Their Reviews and Reputation

Reviewing reviews and reputation is essential if you're looking for a medical card doctor. Look at Google and Yelp for reviews from past patients and find personal recommendations from friends or family who've had success with their medical marijuana cards. You'll also want to see if your doc is licensed and up to date on the Missouri DHSS website. Doing your homework now can save you hassle in the future - get researching.

Ensure the Doctor Offers the Services You Need

Finding the right doctor can be a challenge. Before booking an appointment and making the trip, check to see if the doctor offers all the services you need. Think about what kind of evaluations or treatments you hope to receive, and ensure they're on their list of services before committing to anything. Don't hesitate to call and ask questions. After all, it's your health at stake - you deserve to have all the information you need.

Consider the Doctor’s Location and Availability

Choosing the right doctor means looking beyond qualifications and credentials – you'll also want to consider their location and availability. Finding a doctor near you with appointment times that suit your needs is essential, so you can easily schedule a visit. Nothing is more frustrating than needing care, not being able to reach a physician nearby, or finding out they don’t have any openings that work with your schedule. Doing some research upfront, rather than just relying on online reviews, will save time and help you get the most out of your medical care.

Research Their Experience with Medical Marijuana

When researching for the right medical card doctor, you want someone who knows their stuff about medical marijuana. Look for a doctor who understands the big picture from both sides and has experience studying the benefits and potential risks of using medical marijuana. Do some digging to make sure that your chosen doctor knows about medical marijuana so you can feel confident in their care and advice.

Check Their Fees and Insurance

When looking for a medical marijuana card doctor, you must ask about their fees and insurance. Don't be afraid to inquire if they accept your form of insurance and if there are any extra costs, such as renewal rates or charges for lost or stolen cards. Planning is the way to go so you know what you're getting into before making an appointment.

Ask About Their Follow-Up Care

It's important to remember that medical marijuana requires ongoing care, so you should ask your medical card doctor about their follow-up care plan. Find out how often you'll need to see them for check-ins and evaluation. That way, you can stay on top of any side effects and changes in your condition that may cause the need to adjust your treatment plan. Utilizing informed follow-up care is a great way to ensure that your medicine works best for you while keeping you safe.

Find Out Their Policies Regarding Medical Records

It's important to find out exactly how your medical card doctor handles medical records before going ahead with an application. Ask them what the policy is - will they require any existing records, do they have specific procedures in place when it comes to privacy, and can you see the records? They should be able to provide you with all this information before you start filling out forms. Just make sure you know exactly how your medical information will be used and stored to remain safe and secure.

Ask About Their Knowledge of Missouri Laws and Regulations

It is essential to be sure that the doctor you choose to obtain your medical card from has a thorough knowledge of Missouri's marijuana laws and regulations. A doctor without this expertise may not be able to accurately advise patients about growth, possession, and other regulations around the use of medicinal cannabis. Ask questions during your consultation, such as how long they have been actively practising in the state and their experience with specific medical marijuana regulations. You want your doctor to be well-versed in the current laws and regulations so that they can guide you justly and accurately regarding medical marijuana usage.

Verify Their Professionalism and Bedside Manner

When searching for a medical marijuana doctor, it's essential to ensure they have both professionalism and a suitable bedside manner. This means respectfully engaging with your questions and concerns and providing straightforward information about the advantages of using cannabis and any associated risks. If you're not satisfied with one doctor, feel free to look for another whose approach better aligns with yours.

Final Remarks

Choosing the right licensed medical card doctor in Missouri is important and will go a long way towards your success with medical marijuana. It's essential to conduct due diligence and ensure that the doctor is experienced, provides the services you're looking for, accommodates your insurance/fee policy, and comes with a good reputation. Taking into account factors such as location and availability should also be taken into consideration before making a final selection. Ultimately, taking your time to find the right physician can mean accessing treatments that provide significant therapeutic benefits.