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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Newport Beach, CA: What It Is and How to Get Help

Oct 14

Dual diagnosis is a type of treatment that deals with two or more mental health disorders in Newport Beach, CA. Dual diagnosis can be complicated, but it does not have to be! In this blog post, we will talk about what dual diagnosis is and how you can get help in Newport Beach.

What is dual diagnosis treatment and how does it work?

In order to understand how dual diagnosis treatment works at Newport Beach detox, it is important first to learn what a “dual diagnosis” actually means. The term refers to the co-occurrence of two different medical conditions within one person and this can mean that an individual has both mental and substance abuse problems at once Alcohol rehab Newport Beach. These conditions are often termed “co-occurring disorders” because they tend to occur together. Individuals may be diagnosed with either one of the mental illnesses or substance abuse problems first, but it is not uncommon for a person who has been treated for one disorder to later develop another condition as well.

How Does Dual Diagnosis Treatment Work?

The idea behind dual diagnosis treatment Newport beach is that having separate disorders – such as depression or schizophrenia – doesn’t necessarily make them any less difficult than if they were combined into one disorder. This also applies to addiction issues: just because someone may be struggling with drug or alcohol dependence does not mean that their other psychological condition must go in conjunction with their drug problem.

Types of Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Newport Beach, California

There are many different types of treatment plans for dual diagnosis. Three common examples include:

  • Residential Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP).

Each program is designed to meet unique needs based on the individual's substance abuse and mental health issues. The type of plan that works best really depends on the severity of their condition(s), how long they have been struggling with a drug rehab in Newport Beach or alcohol addiction if any other addictions exist, what substances were being abused etc...

Types of professionals that provide this service 

Types of professionals that provide this service:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Addictionologist
  • Social Workers
  • Psychiatric Nurses

These are some of the professionals that can help you or your loved one with a dual diagnosis treatment in Newport beach. All of these professions have different techniques and methods, so it will be up to you and/or your loved ones' needs as well as what they feel comfortable doing. Do not be afraid to try something new if one treatment is not working for them!

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